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Stormy Barton is an exceptionally talented professional photographer.  I have had the good fortune to work with her in two separate venues.  Stormy visited me in Yellowstone National Park to take personal photos of me one summer at the request of my daughters. My family has no photos of me as it is not a priority of mine.  Stormy worked with me for several hours in numerous places in the Park and showed great patience and skill in managing me throughout the exercise.  The results were of a quality and variety that I could not have imagined.  The photos met every goal that my daughters and I had and more.  While taking a number of pictures at a stunning spot in the Lamar Valley, a couple of folks, there to enjoy the evening, came over and complimented Stormy for how sensitively and carefully she had worked to insure that the photos were precisely what she wanted.

 I was so pleased with that experience I asked Stormy to take another set of photos at her studio outside of Bozeman.  These were made in the more formal setting of her studio as well as outside her studio to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery around her home and the distant views of the Spanish Peaks.  This time I wanted a few pictures of me but most of the photos included a long time friend of mine who also lives in Bozeman.  Again, the results were marvelous providing a priceless record of two old friends enjoying some time together and the experience of interacting with Stormy while doing so. 

Stormy’s outstanding technical expertise is matched by her personal touch in getting her subjects to relax and be themselves.