Auto Draft

Having moments captured in time of our loved ones is so important, and Stormy did just that for us perfectly.  Our Dad volunteered in Yellowstone for 15 years, and the park truly feeds his soul.  Seeing as how he is so dear to us and how much Yellowstone means to him, we wanted to have some images of him in the park as mementos.  Stormy worked with us on a long distance request (we live in Virginia) to set up a time with her subject to capture him in a few of his favorites places in the park.  The results were amazing.  Not only did Stormy provide us with many proofs of which to view and order prints, but each one seemed like a mini masterpiece.  She was able to show many facets of our Dad, including his connection to Yellowstone as she photographed him in multiple locations.  We are truly indebted to her for providing us with beautiful memories we will be able to cherish forever.  Anyone would be lucky to work with her and/or be her subject.  Thanks a million, Stormy!